The Get Gaming Community has risen from the ashes of different clans, teams and communities.
We have learned from trial and error that an actual valhalla for all gamers alike was still missing in the big world of gaming nowadays.
We minimized any form hierarchy and decided that it was time for a democratic community which focusses on the pleasure of gaming.
We strive for a personal approach where everyone can be themselves and find a pleasant home instead of just a spot within the harsh gaming world.

Our staff fully consists out of community members who aspire to fulfill the needs of the community and help to develop our valhalla.
Anyone who is a member can join our staff as long he or she makes an addition to our team.

We welcome all nationalities, all ethnicities and all ages and offer a family friendly game environment were everyone can enjoy the games they love playing.
Joining will always be free charge of course we can always use support and accept donations or sponsorships.