The Get Gaming Community has risen from the ashes of different clans, teams and communities.  We have learned from trial and error that an actual valhalla for all gamers alike was still missing in the big world of gaming nowadays. With the knowledge of our previous experiences in this world we set out to create the safe haven we know today as Get Gaming.

Our goal

We loudly say “NO” against the well known “toxic game scene” and we also form a front against “online bullying”


We minimized any form hierarchy and decided that it was time for a democratic community which focusses on the pleasure of gaming. Staff is nothing more than you. They also were once gamers who enjoyed our community. The difference is they invest their time into keeping Get Gaming great.

The Safe Haven

Respect is not earned. It’s something everyone deserves. We’re all crazy, weird and different here. But unlike most places we encourage it, take pride in it and are proud to see that our members are themselves. No mask, no pretending. Be who you are and be proud of it. We are,  so should you.

Non Profit Foundation

No profit, no salaries. We simply believe the online world is a cruel and harsh place. We wanted to bring a safe environment for everyone. We achieve that with our sponsors, donations and the amazing work of our volunteers. Did you know we’re an official registered non profit foundation with international recognition?